Volunteering can have a meaningful, positive impact for you and your community. It is a great way to meet people, and make your own little corner of the world a little bit nicer.

What better way to become involved in your community and help others is there than to help preserve local history and honor the service and sacrifice of our local veterans? At the Fort Taber ~ Fort Rodman Historical Association, there are numerous areas where you can help.

  • Military Museum
  • Historcial Events
  • Fundraising
  • Office Help
  • Cataloging
  • Community Relations

Please contact our President Bill Niedzwiedz, at 508-994-3938 if you would like more information.  Bill is available on Sunday afternoons, 1-4pm.

You can also fill out the volunteer form below


  • Frank Baylies
  • Larry Ogara
  • Cynthia Yoken
  • Roger Seney
  • Fred Demers
  • Jack Byrnes
  • Bob Lytle
  • Kirk Nichoff
  • Joseph Pacheco
  • Alan Faber
  • Bob St. Laurent
  • Jonathan St Laurent
  • Monique Britto
  • Dan Cox
  • Wesley D Grant
  • Ron Plourde
  • Paul Meagher
  • Kyle Jordan
  • Jonathan Matsler
  • Stan Dziecciolowski
  • Bill Niedzwiedz
  • Joshua Frias
  • Ronald Gagnon
  • Nathan Monteiro Jr.
  • Paul Souza