Our Contract With The City Explained

To all the Friends of the Fort Taber~Fort Rodman Military Museum & Veterans Memorial. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about all the publicity that has been going on about the museum and our contract with the City of New Bedford.

There has been some information that has been misstated about our finances. Some of the quotes that we are operating in a deficit are incorrect. Yes, we do have bills that total about 14,000 to 16,000 dollars a year.  The false part is that we are not getting enough to pay them. Due to the generosity of our Fort Taber~Fort Rodman Historical Assoc. Members and the visitors’ donations at the door we do pay all our bills and we usually have a few thousand dollars left over that we put away in case we have any unexpected expenses and to upgrades the displays at the museum. Please do not feel that the Items that have been put on loan and donated are in danger.

If you would like to help the best way is to join our Historical Assoc. online at our website at http://forttaber.org and click on “Become a Member”, or come by the museum and fill out a membership form.

Our membership is only $10.00 a year, and you can donate any other amount that you would like. You can also make a donation to the museum on the webpage or at the museum. You can feel assured that the museum is operating in good standing and there is no need to worry. I hope that everyone continues to support the museum and thank all that do.

Bill Niedzwiedz
Fort Taber~Fort Rodman Historical Assoc Inc.