Rochester — The next meeting of the Rochester Historical Society will be on May 17 at 7 p.m., at the East Rochester Church & Museum, 355 County Rd.

Robert Bromley, Curator of the Military Museum at Fort Taber in New Bedford will be the speaker at the meeting.

The Military Museum opened in 2004 with 20 photographs, a two-shelf unit and a display case. In 2009 an addition was built as much more room was needed for artifacts.

Today over 8,500 people a year visit the museum to look at the hundreds of personal military memorabilia housed there. The majority of the donated articles are from local family members of the military personnel who fought in wars from the Revolutionary War to the War in Afghanistan.

The museum is a tribute to all those in the military who served this country. All are welcome to hear Bob Bromley speak.

This article originally appeared in Sippican Week on May 07, 2017  – See original article