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Restoration, preservation and perpetuation of Fort Rodman and it's surroundings.

Due to COVID-19. The Military Museum has changed our hours of operation, and policies regarding visitors. Masks MUST be worn. As well as Social Distancing Guidelines apply to ALL our Guests. Please help us keep our Staff, Veterans, and Guests safe. For more information please see the City of New Bedford website

Please See Below for Updated Hours of Operation (Due to the Ever Changing Covid-19 crisis, these hours may change with little to no notice)

Sunday - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

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Thursday - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

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Sunday - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

ATTENTION: Ladies and Gentlemen. Starting this Thursday, August 12th. Each Thursday and Sunday, from 1 to 4 pm. All Donations received on those 2 days. Will go to help maintain our Museum's Displays, (as in Equipment, photos, frames, etc)

Please show your support, so we can continue to keep the Fort Taber-Fort Rodman Military Museum's Displays to the Standard our guests know and love. We Thank you for your generous Donations and Continued Support.

Ladies and Gentleman. Please Click the Link Below, to watch our Amazing piece on the PBS show " Treasures inside the Museum"

We Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we had Filming it.

Treasures inside the Museum - PBS Broadcast

Ladies and Gentleman. Fans of Fort Rodman Park, Citizens of New Bedford, and to all to come to our Website.  We are happy to announce a Virtual Tour of Fort Rodman-Fort Taber Park. Now on our Website.

If you view our Virtual tour of the Fort. You will find that we now have a above the Fort Drone view of the inside and a ground view on the inside of the stone fort. I hope you enjoy!!
I would like to Thank Peter Hanney of Hanney Property Solutions for all the great camera, drone and editing work for this tour of the Fort Rodman/Fort Taber Park.

Please take a look and ENJOY!!

Click Link Below to Start Your Tour

Virtual Tour of Fort Taber



1800 - New Bedford became the world’s foremost whaling port by the middle of the nineteenth-century. The port’s upriver location provided natural protection from coastal gales, but not the storms of national and international controversy. A British raid during the American Revolution demonstrated the vulnerability of the port in 1778 when seventy vessels and twenty-six storehouses were left in ruin. The need for coastal defense was obvious again during the War of 1812... see timeline


The Fort Taber Fort Rodman military Museum opened in August 2004. Our collection consisted of twenty photographs, two shelf units and a display case. Since then it has grown in every way with new exhibited items, more volunteers, physical size with the construction of a new addition, and most importantly visitors. Our average annual visitor rate is over 8,500 people, resulting in the museum being hailed as the “biggest little military museum in the... read more




The Joe Langlois Dedication

Ladies and Gentleman,  Recently, We Honored Our Friend and Late Association President Joe Langlois. With a Dedication in our North Wing. The Dedication was done by our current President, Bill Niedzwiedz. Joe’s Wife Janet Langlois, & Our Treasurer Bob St. Laurent. As well as others to honor our friend who Passed away on Feb 29,…

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“Lights of Peace” Flag Looking for Local Veterans to Honor

To All who want to honor a Local Veteran,  The “Lights of Peace” Flag that is outside The Fort Rodman-Fort Taber Military Museum. Is currently looking for Local Veterans to Honor each month.  Empire Ford (who does the program) is looking for Local Veterans to honor. Please Follow the link in order to recommend a…

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FTFRHA Featured in MassRealty Article

The Fort Taber-Fort Rodman Historical Association is committed to preserving the military history of the fort and its surroundings. Fort Rodman doesn’t only offer historical information; it is an important memorial dedicated to the legacy of the area’s veterans and their service to the nation. Moreover, the association aims to demonstrate how the fort is…

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